Accommodation, Restaurant & Musterið Spa

Terms & Conditions

All cancellations must be delivered in writing

Group bookings
*When 6 or more persons are travelling together, it is defined as a group booking:
Prepayments are not demanded for group bookings, however we reserve the right to demand prepayments if we see fit, for example in a case of a new clients booking. 

– If cancelling 8 weeks or earlier, no cancellation fees are added
– If cancelling 8-6 weeks prior to arrival, 10% cancellation fee is added
– If cancelling 6-4 weeks prior to arrival, 50% cancellation fee is added
– If cancelling 4-2 weeks prior to arrival, 90% cancellation fee is added
– If cancelling within 2 weeks prior to arrival, a cancellation of 100% is added

*When 8 or more rooms or apartments are booked for a group travelling together in July, the booking will only be accepted if booking 2 nights. For groups booking 8 or more rooms, booking of 1 night only will not be accepted – applies only in July. 

Individual bookings
*When 6 or less persons are travelling together, they are defined as individual bookings:
Prepayments are not required for booking individuals.

Cancellations can be made without cancellation fees up until 24 hrs prior to arrival, based on 15:00 check in time. If cancellations are received within the 24 hrs prior to arrival, a cancellation of 100% will be charged.

Frystiklefinn Restaurant

Individual table bookings for Frystiklefinn Restaurant can be made directly through our web page, and we highly recommend booking in advance. when booking a table, our guests are fully responsible for cancelling them in a timely fashion.

The following terms and conditions apply for group bookings at Frystiklefinn Restaurant:
– When booking groups, 10 or more, we offer 1 free meal for group leader, guide or driver
– Only groups that have booked the entire guesthouse may use the communal kitchen facilities. Kitchen must be cleaned and left in an acceptable state, or else an extra cleaning fee of minimum of 10.000 ISK will be added
– Groups, 6 persons or more, that have only partially booked the guesthouse are therefore required to book a table at our restaurant no later then 7 days prior to arrival and need to notify of their chosen menu no later then 3 days prior to arrival. Group menu can be found on our web page
– A cancellation up to 10% of the total number of group, can be cancelled with 3 days’ notice
– Cancellations must always be delivered in writing to our email,
– Cancellations that are received within the 3 day notice are fully charged

Musterið spa

Individuals as groups must always book Musterið Spa in advance to secure a spot. Cancellations or changes must always be made 24 hrs prior to booked time. If cancelled or changed within the 24 hrs cancellation policy, a full charge will be charged for the booked time, therapies and spa bookings.